Effective Teams

Complex problem solving requires effective teams with relevant skills and experience. I work with like-minded friends and colleagues who are respected scientists in consultancies, universities and government agencies. We build task focused teams that have a long history of successful project delivery (many examples in my publications list).

This delivery model has several advantages:

  • A fit for purpose team can be assembled to suit the project.
  • A dedicated team can offer a highly collaborative approach with the client and other stakeholders to co-develop the path forward and ensure transfer of knowledge along the way.
  • Our collective industry experience allows us to inform clients of new and emerging science and lessons learned in other jurisdictions, academic institutions and industries.
  • We can distill and translate complex technical and scientific results into clear, unambiguous, concise messages for a broad range of audiences from ministers and industry representatives to the public.
  • We can design and lead workshops to educate, inform, seek input or reach consensus.

You get what you pay for. All work is completed by the nominated people and not hand-balled to junior staff. You pay for the A-Team, you get the A-Team.

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